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"Our products have been applied in many projects such as: Beijingyanshang Petroleum &Chemical, Yuanbaoshan Power Plant, Tangshansanyou Thermal Power plant Co., Ltd., Fuxin Power Plant, Anhuipingwei Power Plant, Guodian Puyang Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd., Jilin Songyuan Oil Refining Plant , Jinxi Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Power Plant, Guangdong Liede Water Plant. 

The main products : butterfly check valve, gate valve, check valves, air release valve, rotating strainer,comb type cleaning machine, grating, steel penstock, cool and hot isolating gate, guarding gate, regulating shrinkage hole, inserting gate; the suitable medium: clean water, sewage water, sea water,air, high temperature stove air, gas, steam and different acid and alkali liquid; suitable temperature: -40℃ to 600℃;suitable pressure: 0.01Mpa~2.5Mpa;Nominal diameter:DN50-DN3000, actuating methods: manual, motor,pneumatic,hydraulic, motor& hydraulic. "

Sluice gate


The sluice gate is rubber sealing and the body material is carbon steel or stainless steel and the gate is steel plate or swage welding and it is light enough which is suit-able to be used in sewage water project,irrigate system and other water system.


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